Thanksgiving, 2020 Style

I know for many, this year’s Thanksgiving is going to look a little different. For me, it’s the one I am most excited for.

Last Thanksgiving I was excusing myself every hour to cry in the bathroom. My life had just fallen apart (check out the post— The Low Down for a refresher)

What a damn difference a year makes, huh? Now I get to celebrate with my new family, as the new Mrs Molly Blain Cochran.

I love a celebration (even if they are hard in the face of grief or loss), and Thanksgiving is an American tradition that I love to embrace. This will be my first year planning everything, as Tammie, my mother in law is letting my take the wheel.

With Thanksgiving feeling very different this year for many of us - I think it’s still important to embrace the traditions, as well as other ways of making it special. I’m currently rumenating on a special cocktail, table settings (very simple but festive) as well as thinking about what I’ll wear. Nothing signifies a celebration better than a special outfit to wear (either new or old!).

The Plan

I am not a fussy person, but one thing I know for sure – I like nice things. Nice meals, nice clothes, nice experiences. But I don’t like the stress to supersede the actual event. There is nothing worse than having that daunting feeling of having to plan for something, it takes away from the excitement.

My approach is simple – I plan a week out. Well, that’s what I am doing this year. On Tuesday I took pen to paper, and then spent some time chatting through the menu with my mum. I was worried I was over catering (it’s only 5 of us this year), so we cut it down and made sure we were embracing the traditional meals.

I think the key is to just plan little bits every day, so it doesn’t feel overwhelming, enjoy the process of looking at different recipes (I used pinterest and Instagram has been very vocal with recipes from accounts I follow in the lead up to the holidays) and just jot down recipes that stand out to you.

The Menu

The Cochran family menu will consist of a turkey and 5 sides:

  • crispy roasted potatoes - my own recipe, likely added around the turkey as it roasts

  • mac & cheese - New York Times recipe, the ultimate indulgence!

  • roasted brussel sprouts - my own recipe, just tossed in a little bit of olive oil

  • sweet potatoes with marshmallows - Nigella Lawson recipe!

  • stuffing - a pinterest recipe

  • green beans (and MAYBE a side salad too) - another blogger recipe!

I think it’s important to balance indulgence with heartiness and greens – hence the mac & cheese balanced by green beans (these won’t be in a casserole but rather sautéed so they’ll feel light and refreshing). Gravy will obviously be the star of the show (I make from the drippings of the turkey).

Dessert - it's the best part!

Plus, there is no such thing as too much dessert.. So we will be having 2 dishes this year!

Pecan Pie Cheesecake and Dutch Apple Pie (per my father in law's request).

I have pinned all of my recipes on Pinterest as a way to easily have the recipes accessible when the time comes for shopping, and if you’re curious you can check it out HERE.

What are you cooking for Thanksgiving this year? Drop a note in the comments!

Happy Holidays!